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Dear Adobe users and experts,

I am currently in the following situation, I have a template for a sales document made in Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

This template is used by another program to inject data in it and generate PDF sales documents.

One of the main point with that template is that it contains a table where each sold items are displayed and I should mention that the template works well with the program we use.

What we are trying to do is to get each item of the table on a single page with a header repetition on each page.

Previously, we tried different combinations and it was possible in some extend to have one item per page but we could never activate the header repetition.

The version of Adobe LiveCycle Designer that we use is: Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4

It would be really grateful if someone who is used to work with LiveCycle Designer could help.

EDIT: I can of course provide any kind of information (i.e.: the structure of the document) if needed.

Thanks !


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Accepted Solutions (1)





I've build an example for you. It contains two tables: The first can have multiple rows. The second is repeated on a newly created page for each row of the first table and is filled with the values of the related row.

It needs at least two separate pages, each with a table, a conditional break of the second table and two functions in a script object to make it work. You can access the samle here: Dateien freigegeben - Acrobat.com

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Answers (1)



Hi Marcus,

I was about posting that we solved our problem and I saw your message.

We solved it a bit in the same way except that we repeated only the header two times and use a script to hide it when unnecessary.

Thank you for the alternative you suggested, we'll also investigate that way !

Best regards,