Windows Server: Group Policy Client Service crashing, any consequences for LiveCycle?





Running LiveCycle ES4 SP1 on Windows Server where the Group Policy Client Service is randomly crashing but immediately restarting successfully.


Can anyone confirm if this may be a risk or have any consequences for LiveCycle operation in production use?

  • Does LiveCycle need Group Policy for anything?
  • If so, do you think Group Policy Client Service crashes/restarts might be an issue?


Group Policy LiveCycle Windows Server

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I only found this reference to Group Policies in ES4 - search for group policy

LCES4 is mainly a java application but there are native parts (Forms and Output executable...). For the most part group policies won`t play a role, I think, apart from that one reference. If the service restarts it is probably ok. To be absolutely sure you should contact Adobe Support. ( 🙂 you know that ES4 is not supported any more?)

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