Why will number fields save data, but text fields won't?



I have a fillable form created from scratch using LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2, and it has both number and text fields. The document will not save any of the data entered in a text field, but it will save everything else (e.g. data in number fields and calculations). After I created the form and before I emailed it to the end users, I extended reader features using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. I then did a test for every fillable field in the form, saved it, and then reopened the form to make sure that everything saved. It did. Then when I distributed the form to the end users, they were able to enter text and numbers, but when they saved the form, only the numbers saved, none of the text. They are all operating Adobe Reader XI. I then performed another test using both Pro and Reader on my computer, and now the text fields won't save on my computer like they did before.

I have searched all of the forums and tried every fix I have found, but nothing works! I have made hundreds of forms using LiveCycle and Pro, and have never had this problem. Can anyone explain why number fields save data but text fields will not? What is the fix for this?

We are all operating Windows 7; we are not using any MacOS programs.

Please let me know if I can provide any further information that might help me get an answer. This is an annual work productivity statistic sheet that my unit must use, so it it is imperative that I figure this out.

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