Where to purchase LiveCycle / AEM Forms Designer?



Okay, so every so often when I am editing a form ((MAINLY FORM 8821, from the IRS)) I get a message that my form cannot be edited in Adobe & that it needs to be edited in LiveCycle Designer... But where & How do I do this. I can't info on LiveCycle Designer anywhere! And so when I ask adobe for tech support I am told that adobe does not offer support for livecycle any longer!

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Well with Acrobat XI they replaced LiveCycle with FormsCentral, which used LiveCycle internally but ultimately produced AcroForms. After XI, they removed a form generation product altogether in Acrobat, suggesting SMBs use a third party product, or look at AEM Forms. AFAIK, there are no drop in replacements for the creation of XFA forms outside of AEM Designer.