When using floating fields in my forms it never work...




Hi there,

I've tested so many times floating fields in many different forms. Some old forms I created are working, but lately new forms are just not working at all.

Form Properties -> Defaults -> Choose version to run form in : Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9.1 or later.. (I did this)

When using floating fields in my non-testing-forms, they never work... I am using Calculate event to put the value inside the hidden floating field with the following code:

Using those two lines are working perfectly, I'm getting the value wanted in the hidden floating field, but the Label is not displaying the value!!!

If I insert a line of code in the Calculate event which transfer the value in the label like the following :

It displays the value as I want... But I am tired of wondering why my floating fields never work in my forms..

By the way I've managed to make floating fields work in a blank form just for testing, but when it comes to real forms it just doesn't want to cut it...

If anyone would have any idea why it's behaving like this, I would appreciate any tries!!

Thanks for reading, waiting for your thoughts!!

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