What would be the correct object reference ?



Hello, I have this error in my form:

TypeError: form1.tabelAnexa.Row.all.item(...).prod.suprNimp is undefined


This is the code that gives the error:

form1.tabelAnexa.Row.all.item(i).prod.suprNimp.rawValue = "";//

I think it is a reference problem...what would be the correct object path ?


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One methods is:

- Click in the JS Code window on the oRegularizare object

- In the editor in Design view navigate to the suprNimp field you are trying to reference

- Hold CTRL and Click on the suprNimp field

This will automatically populate in the relative object path for suprNimp

Another method is to click on suprNimp directly and on the JS window click on all events and the path should appear on all the possible events, just disregard the event name at the end.

I prefer the reference:

this.resolveNode("[object path]").rawValue

This helps when you have multiple instances of the same object.

If you'd like I'm happy to assist further: https://www.fiverr.com/share/yj5Pe