What version of LiveCycle ES4 SP1 is correct?

MauroG1978 26-02-2015


I have a little question / doubt about what correct LiveCycle ES4 version I'm using.

I have installed LiveCycle ES4 and then Service Pack 1 a while ago with no problem.

I recently came this doubt.

In the Service Pack "Installation Instruction" PDF, they refer to SP1 as Version 11.0.1.

But in the LiveCycle adminui, if I click "About" I have:

- Version: 11.0.0, GM

- Service Pack Version: SP1

- Patch Version: N/A

Also in the installed modules I have:

- Version: 11.0.0

- Patch: SP1

So I came with this question: what version am I using?



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MauroG1978 27-02-2015

It's a little confusing, cause in the readme of the service pack, they refer as version 11.0.1, but in the about dialog of adminui, I have 11.0.0 Service Pack SP1.

But if you confirm that ES4 SP1 == 11.0.1, I'm sure that I'm using the latest version with all the resolved issues refered in the SP1 readme.

Thanks and regards,



You are using ES4 SP1 i.e. 11.0.1

ES4 GM( i.e. without Service Pack be v11.0.0 )

Further information(component wise) could be found in the files present in <LC ES4 install dir>\configurationManager\config\solcomp