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I have designed a simple form using Live Cycle.  My boss would like this to be available on our website with "submit by email" to a separate mailbox which has been set up.  She would also like the returned forms to be available in their pdf. format.

Live Cycle is only giving me the option of distributing the form, not putting it on our website.  When I do this the returns come to my inbox rather than the mailbox set up, however the information does go neatly into a responses folder.  Is there some way that I can post the form on our website, have anyone who pleases fill it in, return it to the specified mailbox rather than mine, and view the responses in their form format.

I hope my query is clear.

Thank you

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Yes for all your questions.

You can host the PDF forms in your corporate web site.

Users can fill online and submit to any email address (configured within the template).

Or the user may submit the form content as either XML or HttpPost (key value pair) to your web server for further processing.

Few notes:

The customer would require Adobe Reader plugin installed on their computer in order to open PDF in browser.

You would need to reader extend the PDF before host on the site.