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Very bad microphone quality with LCCS on Android


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I have created two applications with LCCS (audio and video conferencing), one for Windows and one for Android devices.

From my PC, all work very well. When I speak with my desktop microphone, the sound delivered to my phone is good.

But, when I speak with my phone, the sound delivered to my PC is very bad.

Maybe LCCS doesn't configure mobile microphone correctly ?

By the way, on mobile Microphone.getEnhancedMicrophone returns null and falls back to getMicrophone instead.

Any idea ?

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OK I found that SPEEX codec result on Android (and maybe on iOS) is very bad when streamed. If I use instead the old NELLYMOSER codec, the result seems to be correct. Not fantastic, but correct.

I thought that SPEEX codec was fully supported and very good on Android... Am I wrong ?

Is there somebody here who try to use SPEEX codec on mobile ?