using wordnum function for 3 decimal numbers .




  I am trying to convert three decimals numbers in to word that would display against the amount calculated on a Invoice form .

Currently i am using the below code for two decimal places however I have added a drop down for three decimal currencies like OMR & BHD Omani Rials & Bahraini Dinars respectively . They all have 3 decimals .Please help.

var Y;

Numberstoword.rawValue= WordNum(Grandtotal,2);

Y = Numberstoword.rawValue;

Y = Replace(Y,"Dollars","Currency"); // changed spellings here.

Y = Replace(Y,"Cents","Subcurrency");

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Thank you for your efforts , i have also tried exactly the same script before posting on the forum .,its fails miserably in the calculations part where the number ends with zero .Not very helpful.There has to be some alternative .

Thanks Again .



Hi Karan,

              Please find the link  below . I have scripted under the drop-down exit event of the Currency Selection.Except for First two rest all are working fine .

test form.pdf - Google Drive