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Hello community members,


I’m having an issue with using variables in a calculation.  I have a form with seventeen sections.  Each sections has a various number of rows.  Each row has 6 radial buttons which increase in value from 0-5.  Every section has a field that calculates the average for that section.  Then there is a totalAverage field that calculates the average for all seventeen sections to compute a final score. 


The requester stated they want the form to be able to exclude sections that the employee hasn’t been trained on in order for that section not to count against the employee’s overall score. I want a variable that will keep track of how many sections will be excluded from the calculation so I can divide by the variable to get the correct calculation.


I know how to create a global variable.  Do I need a variable for each section or do I just need one that I can use in the calculation.  I’m a novice so I’m asking for help with how to set this up with formcalc.  Thank you in advance for the help.

Here is the total average calculation

((form1.#subform[0].communicationSection.AAS1 +  form1.#subform[0].attendanceSection.AAS2 + form1.#subform[6].leadershipSection.AAS3 + form1.#subform[6].teamworkSection.AAS4 + form1.#subform[6].projectManagementSection.AAS5 +

form1.#subform[6].processManagementSystemsSection.AAS6 + form1.#subform[11].productivitySection.AAS7 + form1.#subform[11].materialInspectionsSection.AAS8 + form1.#subform[11].bottlingLineChecksSection.AAS9 +

form1.#subform[15].finishedProductAuditsSection.AAS10 + form1.#subform[15].materialSnncProcessSection.AAS11 + form1.#subform[15].blendApprovalProcessSection.AAS12 + form1.#subform[15].researchDevelopmentSection.AAS13 +

form1.#subform[15].materialTestingSection.AAS14 + form1.#subform[21].corkSensorySection.AAS15 + form1.#subform[21].labEquipmentSection.AAS16 + form1.#subform[21].shopOrderPacketExportSection.AAS17)/ 17)

Here is the calculation for the section

((row7 + row8 + row9)/3)

Here is a screen shot of how the sections look and the total points/average field.




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