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User Friendly Interface Issue, need ideas


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Hi everyone,

I am making a complicated form with Adobe Livecycle ES2 and I have an issue regarding the User Friendly Interface.

There is information I need to ask about the work location and I have a few options with regions and cities in the regions

The user can choose any regions and/or metropolitan areas.

The issue is the request of my client, it is wanted too specify which region the metropolitan area is in and the boundaries are specified in a information button "?"


National Zone

Regions and Metropolitan Areas ◄ not an option

Antlantic Region



National Capital ◄ not an option, but provides information

     National Capital Region

Quebec Region


     Quebec City

Ontario Region


Pacific Region



Western Region





Thinking of using a dropdownlist is not the best option because of the information provided...

right now I am using checkboxes with the right hierarchy above but it is not user friendly

I am hiding the checkboxes to show the chosen options with a join(", ") into a label

On a click of a button the checkboxes becomes visible and another button appears "Done Selection"

Each options above needs to provide information regarding the boundaries of the regions / metropolitan areas

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to present this information and be easy to use and to see

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I've thought of using the custom dialog which was a good idea but... the checkboxes are limited to maximum 9 per windows...

and if using a hierarchical list item, I couldnt see a good way to be able to send an information message on the region / metropolitan area on user action, not on selection and be able to add those into a lists which the user can easily see the choices, and also be able to delete the choices...

I am pretty familiar with custom dialogs, I've made a complicated multiple dynamic custom dialog(s) so I know how this could be done, it's just the information which the user can see at all time that irritates me a little


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It's worth a try to use popup menu in a listbox and have one option of Information and the other for adding to the list.

Thanks for the suggestions.