User enters text within a paragraph



Is there a way to create a paragraph where the form user has to enter text within the paragraph itself and the other text following will move/adjust and wrap as needed?

Example of what I mean:

The undersigned company, [ENTER YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE], organized under the laws of the State of [ENTER THE STATE HERE]., and hereinafter referred to as [ENTER NAME HERE] located at [ENTER STREET ADDRESS HERE] etc...

I would like to highlight the areas the customer needs to enter their text into also. I used a textField with no caption but could not figure out how to highlight the needed areas and I would prefer the only areas editable are where the user enters their information.

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I do not know if the is the best way, but it works and is an effective method. I have used this technique to develop certification templates for years.

Use the concat function and FormCalc to create the desired text. I set up a form with two pages. On the first page, I capture the "insert" information in various text boxes. I se the page's Object Property for presence to "Visible - Screen Only" so that when the end user prints, he/she only gets the certification page.


On page two, insert a text box and in in the script editor, select calculate and add a statement that looks something like this:

concat("The undersigned company, ",Company," organized under the laws of the State of ",State.........)  It will produce the following (you may wish to remover the border for the textbox):


You will need to use a comma to separate items in the concat list, and your standardized text must be in "  ". You need to play with it a bit to get the word spacing correct. This example can be found here:

Good luck.