User entered value as object's default

JReeder-EMA 05-09-2016

Evening everyone! I hope someone has come across this before and has come up with a solution...

In a user entered text field, can a script be applied to make the user's entry the test field's default?

Here's my scenario:

I have a multipage form I am building in LiveCycle ES2. Each page is a sub-form with one being a “setup” sub-form for users to enter project specific data used in various other parts of the form (which will be hidden after it is completed). The majority of the data on this form will need to be cleared with each use however the entries on the “setup” sheet will remain the same.

What I am trying to do is exclude the data on each sub-form from a “Form Reset” but exclude the text fields on the “setup” sub-form. In my research I have found methods to do this by listing the Hierarchy of each object (which isn’t practical as I have well over 1,000 objects) or changing the object’s default. As this information will vary from project to project / user to user, this was what seemed as a logical script application. Have what the user entered become the default (no default if text field is blank).

Can I impose on the group for guidance with the code or a suggestion of another method?

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