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Use form data to populate another PDF


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I'm sending out PDF forms that ask for some basic info (name, email, phone, etc.) as well as some more detailed info. Once I receive these forms back, each respondent will then be sent a follow-up letter. I would like to use the form data they fill out (name, address, etc.) to create those follow-up letters. So, how do I create a PDF whose fields are populated based on a different PDF form's data?



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1) If both of your PDFs have the same schema:

You can first export the xml data using ExportData operation in an xml variable.

And then use the import data operation to import the data into the other PDF

2) If the two PDFs have different schema:

Use ExportData operation to export data in an xml variable.

Then you can use "set value" operation to set the values of the fields in the other pdf with the values from the xml variable.