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Understanding Digital Signatures on ES2


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I know that JBoss uses the default ports 443 or 8443.

I am with technical support for a global company and trying to troubleshoot why some users are unable to hit the the digital license server to authenticate before the PDF document opens. I noticed that some users who connected from home was able to open the document then come back to work and was able to open up other documents but after they authenticated successfully. We noticed this issue after the vendor upgraded to ES2 from ES.


This computer must be connected to the network in order to open this document. Your permission to open this document offline has expired. Make sure this computer is connected to the network and the Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management Server is running.

My questions:

Is there a range of ports that Adobe LiveCycle uses?

Once authenticated with Adobe LiveCycle server, do a digital certificate downloads to the local machine?

Does the certificate have a timeout or valid date before it expires?

Why am I able to connect to the JBoss server one day then not able to the next day? The error above when not being able to connect.

Any ideas on where we should start troubleshooting?

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