Unclickable Button



Hi experts!

I have added two button on my master page and wrote a javascript to make visible or hidden some pages on click.

When i try to test in preview tab i can not click on buttons. There is same behaviour on radio buttons and drop down lists.

Can you pls tell me what is wrong ?


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Probably need to see your javascript and hierarchy to help more.

But check these:

  • check the javascript to make sure you aren't disabling objects or subform that contains the objects that wont work
  • I am sure you checked, but are they enabled
  • check initialisation code isnt disabling the objects
  • if you are using any shapes like a rectangle, move it to the back. Even a rectangle with no fill will cover other objects when the form is run.

I have done one form that was so messed up and just would not work that i just did it again in the same way and it worked. Still dont know why.