Unable to save my document designed in Adobe LiveCycle

shruthia231879 31-07-2015

I am new to this software. I have created a form with two master pages.

The design view tab shows only page 1 but no continued page 2. The master pages tab have both the pages 1 & 2.

However when I save the file, a blank pdf is generated. I have attached the hierarchy of the sheets that appear in my navigation bar of adobe. Can anybody advise me what need to be corrected?


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shruthia231879 03-08-2015

Hi Anoop

I cannot share my document.

Please have a look at the hierarchy appearing at this moment. I somehow could bring teo forms into one file but the first page in the document is blank. If I attempt to delete Page 1 under Master Pages it won't allow me to do. If I simply drag untitled subform (page 1) above then the highlights of page 1 appear in the background of page 2. How do I fix this?


shruthia231879 02-08-2015

Hi again.

This is simply not working for me. I am unable to copy my data on subform I created. If I create two separate form I cannot consolidate them to one pdf.

shruthia231879 02-08-2015

Hi Anoop

Thanks for the reply. I tried adding new page under the main form and it did take it as 'untitled subform page 1'. I want to make the page 2 of master pages under form1 as my second page under subform which I just created. But its just overwriting my main form.


Hi Shruthi,

To add new page, please Right Click on "WAS" from the hierarchy and then click on "New Page", it will add new page in Design View Tab.

By default the new page in Design view takes the Master Page 1 as the base to show contents.