Unable to populate date field on form initialize event

Bounteum_Theuam 26-07-2016

I been using this script before on my other forms to basically auto populate a date field on form initialization.  However, on the form that I am currently working on, the code does not work.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.

form1.JV.Dare::initialize - (JavaScript, client)

if(status.rawValue != "Something")


var msNow = (new Date()).getTime();

var d1 = new Date(msNow);

this.rawValue = until.printd("yyyy-mm-dd", d1);




this.rawValue = rawValue;


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petergas1 29-07-2016

Here's how I populate a date field w/ 'now' - where the validation pattern is



    var oRightNow=new Date();

    oToday=new Date(oRightNow.getFullYear(),oRightNow.getMonth(),oRightNow.getDate());     // oToday is a global for other reasons

    geDate.rawValue = fFormatDate(oToday);

with functions defined as...

function fFormatDate(oDate) {

    var iMonth=oDate.getMonth()+1;

    var iDay=oDate.getDate();

    var iYear=oDate.getFullYear();

    //    return iMonth+"/"+iDay+"/"+iYear;

    return iYear+"-"+fEnsure2Digits(iMonth)+"-"+fEnsure2Digits(iDay);


function fEnsure2Digits(number) { return (number < 10) ? '0'+number : number; }