Unable to make Print and Clear button on PDF within browser



Hi folks

We have XFA based static PDF which is developed in Designer, it has print and clear button which works fine on Adobe Acrobat Reader and Professional but when PDF is opened in chrome or IE then button stops working?

Code written is xfa.hosts.resetData() which is called on click event with RunAt "Client and Server" set?

Default form properties:

Default language: javascript

Default Run At: Client and Server



However same form which was earlier developed on inDesign and same js and is working fine on browser.


Any pointers to share


AEM 6.2


PDF generated using AEM JEE workflow




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,


you must have something else that would interfere with this line of code...

Although, xfa.host.resetData(), doesn't have an 's' at the end of "host".

I'm trying the same thing on a blank static PDF form within IE and it works fine. I tried "Client" or "Client and Server".


Look around if you can find any other code.


Also... maybe you could test something out, verify what is the viewer type when opening the PDF with the browser.

Use the following line to display what is the application handling PDFs within the browser.


xfa PDFs are not compatible with every PDF viewer...


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