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Dear all,

I need to convert an interactive pdf created from Designer to a multi-page tiff file and I need to use program to accomplish that.

I have encountered several problems using Livecycle API.

First, I use ConvertPdfServiceClient.toImage2 but it complains following :

com.adobe.livecycle.convertpdfservice.exception.ConvertPdfException: ALC-CNP-001-304: Input Document is not a flattened PDF Document

  at com.adobe.convertpdf.ConvertPdfServer.processConvertPdfException(ConvertPdfServer.java:58)

  at com.adobe.convertpdf.ConvertPdfServer.toImage2(ConvertPdfServer.java:147)


The input pdf is an interactive form involving hiding pages and intensive formating on form rendering based on user data input.

I try to use Output Service OutputClient.transformPDF to convert it from interactive to non interactive and there is no error after running,

but I doubt that the output is not real flattened pdf because I try to use this pdf as the input to ConvertPdfServiceClient.toImage2

and it still complains above error that it is not a flattened PDF doc.

I have tried other pdf not created from Designer and has no problem to convert to multipage tiff.

Is there a simple way to convert a dynamic pdf created from Designer to a multipage tiff ?

I found similar post which have been raised before, is there any updated solution ?

Error Converting PDF to TIFF

Thanks & Rgds

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