Unable to add Data Binding like other fields

yeoht11106988 07-10-2019

Hi, I'm currently editing a PDF form created by previous user.

In the PDF form I noticed it has data connection to a .xsd file thus I made my changes to .xsd file accordingly and tried to bind my PDF fields to the .xsd file's fields.

Some fields can be binding normally however some couldn't.

For example I have two field (FieldA and FieldB) that are just beside each other under same sub form.

FieldA can be bind to the .xsd's field without any issue (Data Bindings value : $.ContentForm.SubForm1.FieldA)

However, FieldB can't be bind like how FieldA( Data Binding value : $record.ContentForm.SubForm1.FieldB)

Whenever I try to remove the record in FieldB's data binding. it would automatically change to "No Data Binding". Fields created by previous user are all using the FieldA's binding method thus I'm trying to change to FieldA binding method.

May I know why its happening like this and how can I resolve these? Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

yeoht11106988 07-10-2019

Hi radzmar,

I have resolved the issue.

My system requires me to validate the PDF file via verifying xsd file's field against the PDF file.

Initially I constantly getting errors and I thought the $record was the root cause.

After some finding, i found that it was due to some optional field having minOccurs=1 attribute which actually is the reason of errors.

Still thanks for the help. Much appreciated!

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Answers (1)


It's likely that the current schema (XSD) doesn't contain any definitions for FieldB or not where you're suspecting it.

Does it appear in the Data view? If not, it's not defined. Otherwise you should be easily create a data connection by dragging the element for FieldB from the Data View to the field in the Design View.