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Unable to activate checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields. Help?


Level 2

When I place checkboxes, text fields, or radiobuttons, and save and view in PDF, I am unable to use them. I can't enter information in the text fields, select a radio button or checkbox. What am I doing wrong. I've tried to use other working forms to see my errors but I must be blind. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Level 10

Can you send your form to nith.mof@gmail.com ?

I will try to look into the issue.



Level 2

Finally got it all figured out. Had some preferences set wrong (not sure how

because the previous form I made everything worked fine), but in the end it

was a preference in the Preview tab. I was sure it was somewhere in the

script I was using. When two other people opened the completed document in

their Acrobat it worked fine, leading me away from scripting and to the

Preview issue, I was happy to see I really wasn't going nuts.

Thanks for responding.Your time is appreciated. Where are you? What do you

do that leads you to use LiveCycle?