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Types of Fonts allowed in Customer Font location


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In the LiveCycle adminstration documentation, there are three different font directories listed.

Adobe Server Fonts Folder
This folder is always created wherever LiveCycle is installed (/opt/adobe/livecycle8/fonts/ or C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8\fonts\). Make sure that this folder's contents are copied to all of the horizontal cluster members.

Customer Fonts Folder
This folder is usually empty unless your documents or forms require special fonts. (What are the options here ?)

System Fonts Folder
Ensure that this folder (whose location is usually predictable for all LiveCycle-supported Operating Systems) is in the same location for all members of a horizontal cluster. In Windows, this is usually C:\Windows\Fonts\. On AIX, this is usually /usr/lpp/X11/lib/X11/fonts/

All Adobe fonts are OTF formats. If we wish to use other fonts that what is installed in the Adobe directory, what are our options ? Are there conversion utilities to use our existing TTF font files ? Is our only option to buy more fonts ? We have strict branding standards here we need to follow.

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Why do you believe that you will have problems with other font types?

All Adobe applications do support not only OpenType fonts (both CFF and TrueType flavors), but also Windows TrueType and Windows Type 1 fonts. (The reason why Windows-based Adobe applications cannot support the Mac versions of same  is simple - no Windows support for the file system's “resource fork.”)

        - Dov


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Apologies first off if I am not starting a new thread but it seems like my query is related and the answer might help the thread originator.

I have had some trouble getting Arial fonts which are used in my LiveCycle Designer created xdp's to be produced in the resulting PDF using the java API.  I have put the ttf fonts from my windows box into both the Server Fonts and Customer Fonts folders and the Arial font still seems to be coming out as MyriadPro in the final PDF.

Is there something I am doing wrong ?




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So, when using the TTF true type fonts, does LiveCycle still need to perform some type of substitution ? We are trying to determine if there will be some type of performance hit or not.


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Livecycle shouldn't have to perform substitution - I design the forms with Arial TTF and I need the Adobe Linux Output ES to use the Arial TTF to generate the document.