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Two tables in same page, one on top and one at the bottom


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I'm quite new to livecycle designer and I am trying to design a form with 2 sections. Top and mid sections must print the same table and with a fixed row count. For ex, top section must print 9 rows and then should flow to the next page(top section) and similarly bottom section prints 9 rows and then prints the same in next page(mid section). Basically top section goes to the company and bottom section goes to the vendor.


I am able to print the top section correctly in all pages. overflow happens correctly. however, the table I designed for the bottom section is printed only after the top section table is printed completely. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi there,

I am not sure if there's a better way to do such a thing, but maybe the best way to achieve such a thing would be creating multiple instances of the initial page to keep them separated from one page to another...

E.g.: The table could have a maximum of 9 rows, and when a 10th row is populated, the page or the subform holding the 2 tables would have an extra instance for additional rows... and so on...

This is kind of a long stretch, but efficient for displaying the way you need it to be.

If you need any more assistance, I can help you in FR/EN.

I hope this will help.