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Two sided printing and checkbox question


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I actually have two issues that I am not sure are even possible but its worth a shot.

I am currently working on a form that is actually multiple forms combines with Acrobat 8. After combining the forms and saving them as one file, I opened it with LiveCycle Designer 8.0 to create and modify fields.

My first question is... The form consists of 14 pages and I need page 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 to print double sided but the rest just single sided. Is it possible to make it do this?

Second question is... On one of the forms I have two checkboxes "Yes" and "No". Is it possible to make it so when the "yes" box is selected to automatically complete a numeric field. For example, it asks if the customer carries a certain life insurance policy and if the "yes" box is marked it will automatically populate a money amount (which will always be the same amount for anyone).

Thank you for any help

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1. If the form is a oure XFA form then you can control the duplex printing settings in the Master Pages. You may need to define a second Master page that has the duplex printing on for the appropriate pages.

2. Yes having a checkbox indicate a value in another field is possible but you will need script to do it. On the chanege event of the checkbox you want checked you can add code like this:

if (this.rawValue == 1){

     numericFieldName.rawValue = 100.00

} else {

     numericFieldName.rawValue = 0.00;