Trigger calculated field to unhide different fields



I have a calculated field (rate) which is used to calculate a total value which if the amount field is above a certain amount would then display one of 2 hidden fields but I am not sure how to trigger the code from the amount field

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Here are some examples. They would go in the calculate event of your amount field

Say there's a $5,000 threshold for the field to be visible.

if (this.rawValue > 5000) field1.presence = "visible";

else field1.presence = "hidden"; //to rehide if the amount drops below your threshold.

If there's a second threshold for the other hidden field like $2,000 for field1 and 5,000 for field2.

if (this.rawValue > 5000) field1.presence = field2.presence = "visible";

else if (this.rawValue > 2000) {

  field1.presence = "visible";

  field2.presence = "hidden";


else field1.presence = field2.presence = "hidden";

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