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Hello all,

I am quite new to livecycle and I am almost done with my form with the exception of one item: button clicks.

I currently have my 15 page doc separated into sections which can be expanded or collapsed when a "+" or "-" button are clicked. (I have chosen to hide all items by default since the items that will display depend on criteria picked from drop down 1 and drop down 2.)

To make it easier for users. I have created one "Expandall" button, but now I have got to make it work.

Now, when my "expandall"  button is clicked I need it to trigger the action of my "Guide" button (which will unhide all rows in that section)

so, onclick of "expand all, click "guide"? ???

I am sure this is probably really easy to do, butI am stumped.

Please help.

Thank you very much.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Okay, so I post a topic on this and 5 seconds later I fgiure it out.. how simple:

I added this script to the scipt editor for the "expandall" button:


.. I can just add the rest of the buttons....(phew)

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