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The idea of creating templates for users


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I'm able to accomplish the following process using gateway, yet this might cause large long-lived processes that I'm not sure whether LC can handle it. Last time we have incidents like this, it brought down our whole server!

The process was created as the need of having "templates" that a user can create with data that need to be filled without having to re-enter them over and over again. The process workflow as follow:


1. User fill out the form with data that they want to be saved in their template (only need to be done when first open the new form)

2. Form routes back to user

3. User comes back to fill out "additional data" to that form

4. The form will now route to a LC_Group Queue in which another set of people who will then review the form, print it out and delete it

5. At the same time step4 takes place, the original form so called "template" that was created on step1 will route back to the user

A user can have multiple "templates" and a form can sit through many itterations. I'm looking for suggestion(s) that I can use to accomplish the same task without having large process that has to go through many invocations and shut down the system.

I appreciate your help!

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