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Text won't split to 2nd page with 2nd master


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Hello, I have a document on which the first master has a 1/4" top margin, and the second has a 1" top margin.  When there was only one master, a text object with a lot of text in it broke across two pages, as it should have ("allow page break" is checked).  Since adding the 2nd master, it will not break, and instead the whole thing moves down to a third page with a blank page between.  It is not in a subform. I tried putting it in a subform but it didn't make a difference.  Suggestions? 

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could you send me a sample form at lcdesignerforms@gmail.com i will try to help


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You can restrict the number of occurences of your master page, so it will be used ony a defined number of times when page breaks occur.