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I am painfully self-taught and using LiveCycle Designer ES 2 on Windows 10.  I'm trying to design a pdf form (via Readers Rights, users can input text) and all has been going well - pdf functions exactly as needed - but I need to address some visual  aspects and here's the hitch...

I want the values area of some of the text entry boxes to be filled with a color, while leaving the overall text box & caption area white/no fill.  After a boatload of experimenting I thought I had this figured out by using the following:

In Designer view...

Select desired text field  >  Object Tab  > Field tab  >  Appearance  >  select Custom from the Appearance drop-down menu  > from the Custom Appearance window that appears I then select Background Fill  >  Style = solid.

Then I pick a color from the first of the two paint bucket icons (the one to its right is grey'd out), click on OK, and - presto - the values area has a solid fill in the color I've chosen. Exactly what I want.

The problem is, when I leave Designer view and select the Preview PDF tab, my colors are gone and display back to whatever their defaults were! Go back to Designer view and the colors are as I've set them. Huh???

I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

Many thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Try unchecking "highlight exisiting fields".

In the viewer tab if you press "Esc" key, you will get up the toolbars as it would look in regular acrobat. Then in the purple header/bar in the top right you have a choice to highlight fields. That will highlight the fields using the same kind of coloring options/properties as you changed earlier  so that choice "overwrites" your coloring of the fields if that makes sense.

If my answer helps please mark it as correct, and feel free to ask anything else. I am glad to help if I can

Regards Mattias.