Text field disappears after saving



Hi Team,

after a quick search I have not found a solution or same problem.

I have Radio Buttons and invisible Text fields

I have used the action builder to generate the following:

I click at one radio button an the text field turns to visible.

If I open the PDF with Adobe Pro, everything is working fine. The Text field is showing up.

However when I save the file the text field disappears again.

Any diea how I can solve this issue?


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from what I understand there is no binding on both fields...

strange thing is I tried to replicate the error on a new file, and there everything seems to work...




Hi there,

maybe changing the name of the text field could work. If objects have the same name in the entire form it can happens that the save file doesn't reload properly the form.

this might not be the issue, but give it a try anyway