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Text Field Auto Populate but does not auto delete in Livecycle form


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I'm creating a Livecycle form that has 4 user entered text fields that when filled out, they will autopopulate to a separate text field (let's call it comment box) with a ';' in between. So if someone entered 'x' in all 4 boxes, the comment box will look like so: "x; x; x; x". Users may (and will often) manually add additional items to the comment box to where the field could look like "user entered text x;x;x;x " or "x; user entered text x; x; x;" and so on. The issue I'm having is users will be able to clear and change their entries into the 4 fields so how do I get the comment box to reflect this change without erasing the data from the other 3 fields or any text the user manually entered into that field? If that is even possible. Also, the data in the comment box will be exported so if the user changes or clears the data in any of the 4 fields, then the comment box will be exporting out the initial data which is incorrect. I don't think I can make the comment box use global data because it still needs to accept manually entered items and I need it and the 4 other text fields to have different variable names. Just want to add I can use javascript but I am new to it.

Any hints or information would be helpful!

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