Tablerows overlap to page logo following pages.



Hello All;

I face this issue when I try to create a printout for one of our customers need.

The main problem is, the customer has images to printout which unknown numbers. So I added a table for the images, which it's rows binded to image datasource. (picture1) and all pages has company logo. The problem started to second page of images. Rows overlap the logo (3rd pic). I try to add the row in subform and property as flowed but the second page still overlaped. So how can I solved the problem, can you help with that?

Thanks in advance.

1. pic shows binding and property of iamge table.

2. pic shows firstpage of  printout of images

3. pic shows second page of printout of images which is incorrect one.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




You have to place the logo elements outside the content area of you master page. Also, downsize the content area. All contents on the body pages will only be placable in that content area and won't overlap the logos etc. anymore.