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I use Adobe LifeCycle Designer ES 8.2 to create a form that contains a table that can span multiple pages depending on the amount of data entered by the user.

I followed the instruction as contained in the Help / Tutorial to create the form. But when the table exceeds the length of the page, new pages are NOT created.

What else do I need to do?

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To set up a table to span multiple pages

To enable tables to automatically flow to the next page, you must ensure the following conditions:

The table must be in a subform that is set to Flowed in the Subform tab of the Object palette.

The Allow Page Breaks Within Content option is selected in the Table tab.

The table is not in a group.

Now you can make adjustments to the table to ensure that the information is displayed the way you wa...when the table spans multiple pages. You can include a Table continued tag at the top of the next page if the table spans more than one page.

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Thanks a lot. The form works and the table can now span to the next page.

However, when the form is "Submitted" back to the originator, only data in the first row of the table is captured in the response file. All the other rows are left out.

How do I get all the data in the table into the Response File?

I have sent the relevant files to your gMail account.


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