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Table overflows to second page but not third or more


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I have a table wrapped in a subform set as "Flowed" that can fit about 15 rows on a page.  The table overflows to the second page correctly if there are between 16-30 rows, but anything after that, it just overflows off the second page instead of creating a third page for the overflow.  I've checked to make sure that "Allow Page Breaks within Content" is checked for the page, the subform, and the table. 

I have this exact same problem with a text field that will only overflow correctly to page 2, but not any further.  Can anyone help me out?  What am I doing wrong?

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I can't think of anything that could cause this, there are some restriction options on the master pages but I didn't think they could cause this effect.  Can you post your form somewhere like Acrobat.com, Google Docs, etc and post the link here so we can have a look.




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I think I know what I did wrong.  I made the subform that contained the table flowed, but didn't make the actual page flowed.  Once I changed that, it spanned multiple pages ok.