Table footer appearing on initial page without rest of table?



I'm in the process of creating a dynamic form. It contains 7 tables. Table 1 is always visible. Table 2-6 appear according to selection made.

Table 7 is problem I'm having, it has a header and a footer (allow page breaks is on for the table), the header is set to appear on the initial page of the table and subsequent pages.

The footer should be appearing on every subsequent page and final page (that`s what pagination is set to).

As Tables 2-6 are shown (all of them) , Table 7 has no more space for the body rows so it gets moved to the next page BUT the footer row is appearing under Table 6 now.

It should only ever be under Table 7, as little as 1 body row.

Initially I had the same issue with header as well, but I solved this by checking keep with next (so it appears at the top of Table 7 before and after page breaks) in the pagination tab.

Checking keep with previous for the footer row doesn't work.

Advice is appreciated.

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