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Sum Column Script


Level 2

This is not working; THANK YOU to anyone kind enough to point out what's missing.


   <field h="5.293mm" name="IncomeTotal" w="19.134mm" x="54.478mm" y="126.775mm">



                  <border hand="right" presence="hidden">

                     <?templateDesigner StyleID aped0?></border>




            <font size="11pt" typeface="Myriad Pro"/>

            <para vAlign="middle"/>


               <traverse ref="TextField4[3]"/>


           <sum(IncomeTotal [Income1, Income2, Income3, Income4, Income5, Income6, Income7, Income8, Income9])>


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Level 10


First of all I would not recommend inputting script directly in the XML Source. If you go to the Design View you can open the Script Editor (5) from the Windows menu. I would recommend making it larger, so that you can see a few lines of script:

LC Designer Workspace.png

You can see an example here for referencing objects in both JavaScript and FormCalc. This also includes an example for summing columns: http://assure.ly/kUP02y.