Submit To Email Button Defaults "To" To Mine - Need an answer ASAP!

Rinsa 24-09-2015

I have created a fill-out form and I have put in the "Submit By Email" button to a co-worker of mine. It was working before, but I had to lower the file size so that it could be emailed. I pulled over all the fields from the large form and put them on my new smaller size form. I deleted the old "Submit By Email" button and created a new one, I tried to change it to just a button and it's still doing it. Can someone please help me? The support on Adobe sucks as this was the only option it gave me...

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Rinsa 25-09-2015

So here is what I found by myself. There is a glitch in the software; if you create an "Identity", it will override any "Submit By Email" or "Submit Form". Unfortunately for me, deleting the Identity didn't do anything and changing the Identity didn't do anything. I also found out that sometimes the xml will override the email address that I put in there. Again, unfortunately for me, my xml was fine (this narrowed it down to Acrobat and Reader). What I had to do when neither of these worked was create a "Button" and change it to a pdf. The only way for me to get the button to work was to NOT distribute the form. No skin off my teeth, but still a pain. Lesson learned, never ever put an Identity in and never select "Remember Me".


If you have distributed your form once with Acrobat there will be a setting in the forms metadata.

You can change or remove it in the XML source view of Designer.