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Submit by e-mail difficulty, because of trial?


Level 1

I recently downloaded the trial version of LiveCycle to see if it would be a good fit for my company. It seems to be except for the submit by e-mail button will only allow me to submit in .xml, I've read up on how to fix this and even tried using the mailto command with a regular button (it doesn't even realize I'm trying to send an e-mail when I do that). Is this simply because I'm using the trial version and an issue that I won't have once I purchase the full version? Thanks for any help you can give.

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Level 6

try the following JS code in "click" event of a regular button which will compose the email and attach a copy of completed form in PDF format.

var subj = "Service Agreement Request";
var ebody = "You may attach additional attachments if you have. But do not edit the Subject line."



Level 4

Can the above code be modified to work with a mailto command - ie so as to attach the pdf to email ?

I kinda thought you needed form server or something to do that