Subforms and Email Buttons



I am working on a large document with multiple actions and subforms.

Question # 1 - I have developed subformsfor multiple pages that are to appear when a particular field in checked. I have 39 subformsin the formon40 pages - the issue is part of the subformswork based on the action steps, and the other 1/2 do not.  I wrote the action steps the same way for each subformon each page.  What really doesn't make sense is - when I uncheck the boxes to enable to the subformsand do the process backwards it works.

Question # 2 - I have two Submit by Email buttons and a Save button in the document - they previously worked, however after adding thesubforms, they no longer work.  I have tried changing them to regular buttons and adding the information, but no luck.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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