Subform Instances are Not Retained After Saving




I'm working on revising a form built with LiveCycle, and discovered that additional subform instances of a certain section are not kept after saving and reopening the form.  The user is able to click Add to include more data.  When a user saves the form and opens it again, only the first subform is restored, the others are lost.  This Add/Remove setup of subforms is used several times in other areas of the form, but the issue is only occurring in one particular place.  I've read through several questions that looked similar to mine, but my form already matched the solutions.

Target version: Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9.1 or later

Scripting default language: JavaScript, run at: Client

Preserve scripting changes to form when saved: automatically

Here's how this area is set up:

S11_CCH_Sub_New (subform, binding: $.S11_CCH_Sub_new)

     S11_CCH_Info_New (subform, binding: $.S11_CCH_Info_New[*], repeat: Yes, min: 1)

          <subform fields>

     S11_CCH_Buttons_New (subform, binding: none)

          S11_Add_Source_New (button)

          S11_Remove_Source_New (button)

Compared to the other areas that use subform instances, this area is set up exactly the same way, so I don't know why this one doesn't work.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Thank you for sharing it, my bet is that cause for your trouble is missing Data nodes in your scheme file.

See how your next piece of multi-instance subforms has specific node connection, while it's totally missing in S11 part:


I hope it will help to solve the issue.

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Answers (5)




Thank you for the quick response.  Unfortunately, after changing the subform's name and it's fields' names, the problem is still occurring.




Hi there,

It happens sometimes that LCD saves or keep unwanted properties for certain objects... One of those solution may help you..

1. Change the name of the object (subform or row) that have multiple instances.

2. If the previous suggestion does not work, delete the object and recreate it.

Changing the name might be the good solution because sometimes it looks like Adobe is misinterpreting one or multiple objects to be another one in the form with same name. So it takes the properties of the other object in the form.

I hope this will help you.