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Sub form display from top of the page


Level 2

Hi Experts

I have some page display issue with my form. I have 2 main forms and 5  sub forms. The form structure is I have called the subforms from the main form  using button option, while I click the button to view the sub form I am veiwing it perfectly, but while loading the subforms the previous navigation scroll bar is not changing the newpage is not going to top of the page. This takes me the sub form half of the view I have to manually scroll to top of the page.

I have tried with zoom options but only fit height option works and it looks too small is there any other way to show subforms from top of the page?

Thanks in advance



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Level 10

It would be easier if you can share the document and explain where the issue is..




Level 3

Hi Arul,

Maybe this helps you. It is kinda clumsy but might work for you.

Sounds like you are ending up on the right page but in the wrong spot on that page. Yah?

So at the end of your button code (which already works) just put in:



So, in effect, you are going off page and then immediately coming back. It happens very quickly, so the user won't notice it.

It has the result of bringing you to the TOP of the page.

Good Luck,