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String to image field..


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Hello all,

     shortly,   this is what i need:

     does anyone have an idea how to show string in an image field????

     now for the long story..:

     I have a table, that all cells are image fields.

     I send to some of them a xstring of a picture, and they  are showing me the pictures (works fine).

     Now, i've got a demeand -

          if i have an indicator - i need to put this thing:

          "date: xx/xx/xxxx time xx:xx"

          this date and time can be changed every run.

     I though to make something like that:

          data: lv_string type string.

          lv_string = 'date 22/12/2012'

     then convert it to XSTRING with the fm 'scms_string_to_xstring'.

     but even then - when i send this xstring, the image field won't show the text. Actually it won't show anything.

     does anyone have an idea how to show string in an image field????

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image fields only support base64 encoded image data.

You cannot use such fields to display texts, except you use an image that represents that text.


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so, can i make a cell to contain text, and if the text is longer then the width of the cell, to let it override the next cells?


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Um ...

... maybe.

I remember a custom solution from John Brinkman to continue text entries in the text field when the current field is full.


This solution will propably work in a table too, but it's not a 5 minutes job to be realized.


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You can set text cells to expand vertically to handle more text. Is that the kind of thing your are looking for?

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