Still having issues customizing submit button



I've been trying to make a submit button that will submit the PDF form to email with fields from the form.  So reading up on other posts for the past week, I made a standard button and added this into the script editor, in the show: click, changed the language to Java, and Run at: Client.  However, when I try to Preview the PDF and click on the button, nothing happens at all.  I've never done scripting before and I've read every result that came up in google but I'm failing pretty bad at trying to make this work.

var Project = this.getField("Project").value;

var Project1 = this.getField("Project_1").value;

var Project_Manager = this.getField("Project_Manager").value;


cTo: "",

cSubject: "CADD REQUEST" + "Project" + "Project_1" + "Project_Manager",

cMsg: "test"


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