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I do hope I'm posting in the proper area for my topic. Don't hate me if I'm not

I'm making some pdf forms using LiveCycle Designer ES2, version (whew!)

In Design view, there are lots of the little yellow ABC! icons alerting me to the fact that there are misspelled words.  That's not surprising as many of the words in my drop-down lists are abbreviations or people's names with less than usual spellings, hence the spell warnings. They really clutter up my screen and get in the way when I'm aligning things so I want to fix the "mistakes" and get on with life and my burgeoning case of eye-strain.

I select the object that's bothering me, go to the menu > tools > check spelling and then I add all of the offenders to my dictionary... the alert box finally asks me if I want to continue checking the rest of my document whereupon I select No, then save the document, figuring this must cement my new additions into the dictionary.  My yellow spell alert icon disappears and I'm happy.  Except...

At the end of my session I save and close my document.  A few hours later, I go to work on it some more and, as soon as I'm in LiveCycle design view, all of my carefully processed errors seem to be a waste of time as all of the yellow alert icons are back again!!!  If each new 'incorrect' word was saved to the dictionary, then surely when encountered again during a spell check, it should be ignored, yes?

Don't know what I'm doing wrong; I mean, how hard can a spell checker be? Arrrgh!  Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks!

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In my system custom dictionary words are added to a file, C:\Users\<<userid>>\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Linguistics\UserDictionaries\Designer Custom Dictionary\<<locale>>\added.txt.  This is just a text file with each word on a separate line, are the words still there?  The custom words might have been added for just one locale are your forms using different locales?  Though there is a 'all' locale as well.

Probably not really what you want, but you could also turn off spelling for List Box Entries under Tools ... Options ... Spelling ... Perform Spell Check On.



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