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We have a requirement of calling the Adobe Assembler Service to assemble PDF documents with Comments.

We are trying to call the service through SAP Service Consumer using ABAP Language. We are successfully establishing the connection, but we have an issue of submitting the correct SOAP Message format, as we do not know the XML structure for the Input Map. Whenever we try to invoke a request, we get an error parsing the SOAP Message XML.


SAP Service Consumer converts the Input Map data types as following:

Key: String

Value: String (Known as XString in ABAP, this conversion is due to that the type in WSDL is anytype)


We know that the Input Map takes pairs of (key, value), but we know that the value can be a single or multiple files. How is this value formatted in XML in the SOAP Message?


Since SAP converts the value to be as String, then we need to format this string to a proper XML instead (I believe), in order to include it in the SOAP Message.


If we get a sample of full SOAP Message submitted to Assemble multiple PDF files, we would be grateful.

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In assembler the input map is of document. You can install workbench and check the document structure by recording the input variable.