Skip Form data when field matches specific value

tarad4225910 03-01-2020

My current form with a table which displays all the Item/Product data for every line, even when an item it deleted giving it an ActionCode of 3. We'd like to only display the Item Data if the Action != 3.


Here is the partial XML Data

<StandardID schemeAgencyID=" ">614099641183</StandardID>
<StandardID schemeAgencyID="9">614099641183</StandardID>
<TypeName languageCode="EN">Material</TypeName>
<Description languageCode="EN">HOME ACCESSORIES</Description>
<GrossAmount currencyCode="USD">122.70</GrossAmount>
<NetAmount currencyCode="USD">122.70</NetAmount>
<TaxAmount currencyCode="USD">0.00</TaxAmount>
<Amount currencyCode="USD">20.45</Amount>
<BaseQuantity unitCode="EA">1.0</BaseQuantity>
<BaseQuantityMeasureUnitName languageCode="EN">ea</BaseQuantityMeasureUnitName>



And Here is the current Data binding for the table 


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You can use an expression in the binding, so try


$.PurchaseOrder.Item.[ActionCode <> "03"]


Note the full stop should be before the opening square bracket.