Size / position of objects with integer millimetres



I'm new to LCD and I am trying to design forms with unit of measure millimetres.

Something I find is that I just cannot seem to get positions or sizes to be where I entered them.

eg if I put the AnchorX as '7mm' it immediately changes to '7.0012mm' or '7.0002mm' or similar and will NOT stay as the integer I entered.

Although this is unnoticeable on the output, I find it just ... really disturbing.

What is going on here? I've searched & didn't find any background explanation. I am guessing that it is something like internally, all units get converted to points or twips or whatever, and since those are fundamentally defined from inches, we get these tiny imperfections using metric units.

Does anyone know what's going on? Is it 'just my form' or do others get it?

If I use inches, it seems to stay at what I enter.

Thanks in advance

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