signatureValidate in LiveCycle does not work, because getField does not exists




I have a problem. I have 2 signature fields and they should sign the form one after another. The first will sign only a few fields and the second one will sign everything.

The problem now is, that the first signer should not see (or is not able to sign) the second field.

My idea was to hide the signature field and show it, if the other field is already signed. This should happen in the form:ready script, but I have tried several things to get this work.

Send mail based on Signature Field is shown how it could work, but it does not work in this case, because the there is no valid in form:ready. I have tried resolveNode instead getField, but that doesn't work either.

I have something like this:

var oState ="form1[0].Page1[0].Unterschriften[0].Mitarbeiter[0]").signatureValidate();

but is always null. It does work if I use the same code inside an event like enter, exist, etc. I also tried to fire such a event and execute that, this does nothing...

So how can I show my second signature field only, when the first field is signed already?

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